The name “Midbar” has incredible meaning and I want to share it with you…

On my first journey to the Holy Land, I was immediately drawn to the Judean wilderness because it looks a whole lot like West Texas where I was raised. Our friend and guide, Moshe’, taught us incredible things about this wilderness.

The name for wilderness in Hebrew is “Midbar.”

This wilderness or “Midbar,” is actually God’s holy pastureland. It is not a desert because God never deserts us. He always provides, just as He did for the Israelites as they wandered for 40 years before they entered the Promised Land.

Along with the Midbar logo, Deuteronomy 29:5 is the scripture you’ll find branded on each of the handcrafted leather items I make:
Yet the LORD says, “During the 40 years that I led you through the wilderness (Midbar), your clothes did not wear out nor did the sandals on your feet.”

Seeing as my brand new $200 Nike Air Max’s went flat the 1st day I was in Israel – that really made this verse come alive to me.

This is the inspiration behind making timeless, classic leather goods that last…

P.S. On the Midbar logo you’ll notice something that looks like mountains, but it’s not mountains. This is actually the ancient Hebrew symbol for the letter “M” and contains a multi-faceted meaning of both the number 40 and the representation of “Living Water.”

In my 40th year of life is when I set my feet in the Holy Land for the first time. This work, these names and symbols and the scripture you see in each product I make is full of meaning and purpose. I hope you enjoy these items for years and years to come.